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Barcelona is part of ALTEN Spain

3.5 years ago we opened our gates as HELVETING Engineering and Development Center in Barcelona. Today our HELVETING location in Barcelona becomes officially part of ALTEN Spain. Mandated and Services continue to be coordinated and asigned through Switzerland.

Our Engineering and Development Center in the middle of the quarter "22@" (veintidos arroba) - a modern industry district with mainly IT- and Software companies - becomes part of ALTEN Spain. Our on-site team will remain in the same offices and will carry on receiving mandates from us directly. For our employees in Barcelona nothing will change but the fact of being integrated in the ALTEN Corporate Group as ALTEN Spain. Furthermore, our attractive mix of design and high-end engineering with Swiss quality and professional engineering out of Barcelona, will remain at disposal to our international clients. Continously, the entire cross engineering portfolio will be offered to our international clients. 


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