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HELVETING provides you with interim managers for managerial functions

Interim managers of HELVETING are experienced managers who are familiar with industrial processes, organisations and technology companies. They can quickly and flexibly accept managerial functions in your company. Through their employment, it is not only possible to staff a vacant executive position ad interim, but furthermore to achieve a positive, sustainable success from such a dilemma.

What is interim management by HELVETING?

In interim management (Latin ad interim: temporary, provisional), HELVETING managers accept challenging managerial functions in your company. The assignment of interim managers is usually coupled to a result responsibility in a time-limited framework.

The leadership experts of HELVETING can be employed short term for the commitment of responsible management tasks, projects and process in your company. They bring the necessary hard and soft skills in order to assume vital management tasks.

Why employ interim managers?

Our experts stand out due to profound engineering knowledge and leadership experience in various branches. They are available within a short time and can be rapidly assigned operatively. Simple contract conditions allow your company to decide demand- and market-oriented at all times. HELVETING also gladly presents you a manager, who is appropriate for your individual task, on a short-term basis.

When does the employment of an interim manager of HELVETING pay off?

Companies and organisations need a strong management to position them successfully in the market. It is not so seldom that vacancies of executive positions arise. This can happen due to natural fluctuation or due to unplanned absences. In order to guarantee the successful continuing function of an organisation in such an event, arising vacancies must be rapidly filled. Especially in leading positions it is very often a tedious process to find capable replacements. In such cases it makes sense to fill the position ad interim until a definitive solution is available.

An interim manager is typically employed as CEO, COO or major project manager.

Even for strategic or turnaround projects there is often a need in hiring timely limited, highly qualified leadership personalities.

Our experts assume leading positions even in special assignments or fields of application, such as change management, due diligence, lean management or a reframing of the business processes.

What competences does an interim manager of HELVETING possess?

Experienced leadership personalities of HELVETING are capable to rapidly become acquainted with new situations and to assume managerial responsibilities. Thereby, established processes, official channels and decision tasks can be utilised and discharged again. Hence, the proven workflow of a company can be exercised rapidly and with low loss.

How does the assignment of an interim manager proceed?

Interim leadership is often connected to positive process and organisational optimising effects. As a neutral, external employee, an interim manager is able to detect optimisation potential in business processes very fast and contributes with constructive input to the business development. By assuming actively the vacant managerial function, we are able to precisely define the requirement profile of a successor and to support in the search for this person.

Ideally there is an overlapping activity of the interim manager and following, regular job holder. The interim manager will introduce the new leader to her/his tasks in a planned and detailed way. Thus, an optimal knowhow transfer is ensured.

How does HELVETING find the optimal interim manager for your company?

We proceed as follows for the identification of an appropriate candidate. Together with you, we define the given task and the intended duration or the timeframe respectively for the interim occupation of the interim manager and we determined the requirement profile of an appropriate candidate based on this. Afterwards, we present you a choice of potential candidates and advise you on the choice. Finally, the chosen interim manager can approach the task. HELVETING assist you in an advisory capacity during the assignment. Additionally, you profit from the network of our experts. We live Cross Engineering as an active network of knowledge and competence. We consult and support customers from highly diverse branches and develop customer-specific solutions. Cross Engineering helps us to find these solutions.

Our experienced leaders take over result responsibility in a time-limited framework in your organisation. We manage a department, a division, a company until you have found an appropriate, long-term replacement for the original job holder.

Your appropriate candidate

For the identification of an appropriate candidate, we proceed as follows:

  • Derivation and definition of the task
  • Determination of the requirement profile
  • Intended duration and timeframe of interim occupation
  • Offer creation with presentation of the candidates
  • Choice of the candidate
  • Start and execution of the occupation

Special assignments and fields of application

Our experts can take over a leading position in the following special assignments or fields of application:

  • Turnaround management
  • Change management
  • Interim leadership as CEO, COO, major project manager
  • Due diligence
  • Reframing of the business processes
  • Lean management