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Technology Consulting

For more than ten years, HELVETING offers services, concepts and developments for various branches in diverse engineering disciplines. We work cost-effectively due to our flat and lean organisation. The customer benefits from our broad knowledge and leading experience, which we place as consultancy at your disposal.

The planning, control and checking is essential for the successful realisation of complex development projects. For that to happen, there is a need of experience, process and technological understanding, organisational competence as well as analytical and methodological understanding. Our competences build on long-time, interdisciplinary experience in various branches. Our project managers, development and quality engineers bring the crucial ideas, innovations, methods and technologies in your projects, because of their border-crossing foresight from diverse branches. HELVETING gladly assists you with consultancy and helps you to appoint the necessary competences in the right place.

What is lean management and when is it deployed?

Lean management means adding value through elimination of waste. The aim is to coordinate all activities optimally that are essential for value added and to avoid unnecessary actions (waste). Lean management represents a complete management approach which is concentrating to avoid company waste and is today far more than the originally developed methods of lean production. HELVETING recommends a complete lean management approach which is oriented to the customer’s requirements. On demand, partial areas, as e.g. the development of a production unit, can be considered.

What speaks for the assignment of interim managers?

Our experts stand out due to profound engineering knowledge and leadership experience in various branches. They are available within a short time and can be rapidly assigned operatively. Simple contract conditions allow your company to decide demand- and market-oriented at all times. The assignment of interim managers is usually coupled to a result responsibility in a time-limited framework.

When are HELVETING’s project managers able to take over a customer project on site?

HELVETING possesses a staff of project managers skilled in leading. They are able to manage development projects successfully in the rooms of HELVETING as well as directly in your company. The assignment possibilities of our project managers are diverse and range from specific intervention, to the optimisation of progressed development processes, to the offer of self-organised working project teams. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to employ our project managers and engineers in your company in the scope of an outsourced engineering assignment.

Why does a company need a good integration management?

A multi-line and interdisciplinary project leads in a phase, in which the lines of development must be united in a whole. It is essential for a successful integration management to use a risk-based approach as well as an early definition and specification of interfaces. In order to do this, integration managers of HELVETING draw on their knowledge in verification and test environment. They benefit from our experience in highly regulated branches such as aerospace, medical or nuclear energy engineering and the huge competence network of our interdisciplinary working engineers. HELVETING has single specialists or whole teams, who are at your disposal. We are able to fulfil the integration tasks in-house in accord with the HELVETING engineering process (HEP) or also in your company on site. On demand, we supply experts as an outsourced engineering assignment.

How does technical due diligence optimise business processes and technologies?

Technical due diligence analyses the strengths and weaknesses as well as the corresponding risks and plays therefore a vital role in value identification. The evaluation of technology companies requires not only an analysis of the financial aspects. A detailed and scientifically profound assessment questions a company whether it is equipped with the right innovative products and whether the present technologies and process allow a sustainable business development or the patent landscapes are reasonable.

Quality management systems by HELVETING

HELVETING provides the modules which are necessary for you to establish a quality management system and adapts them to your company’s requirements. Thanks to the Cross Engineering approach, HELVETING is able to support you in the decision as well as in the implementation of a practicable system.

In case the audit by an authority is coming up soon, we prepare you and your company and go along with you through the whole audit. We are also on hand with help and advice for you when it comes to the organisation of your documentation and archiving.