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Development of mobile apps with HELVETING Software Engineering

Due to the prevalence of smart phones, tablets and similar devices, the idea of dedicated mobile applications, in short apps, has been generally accepted. There are many new, fascinating possibilities for enterprises because of this technology in order to get in contact with target groups. To find your individual path in the huge variety of technologies and options, you can trust in HELVETING as an independent expert in the development of mobile apps.

Mobile apps will be likely and often used by companies in various areas because of their great number of advantages and simplifications in daily life. Savings of time in information processing, reduction of process costs and more intense customer retention are just a few characteristics that follow from an introduction of apps. Another big advantage of mobile apps is the possibility to realise your app individually. HELVETING offers you an optimal support with its experienced team of engineers for mobile apps and realises your app on your demands, ideas and visions.

In what areas are mobile apps used?

The areas Mobile Business and Mobile Commerce pertain generally to the core application areas for mobile apps in companies. Mobile Business comprises hereby the sum of all activities, processes and applications in an enterprise that are conducted by mobile technologies or that are supported by them. In Mobile Business, mobile application software (mobile app) can contribute to the improvement of existing business process or open up new business fields. Whereas in Mobile Commerce as a special case of electronic commerce (trading using computer networks), business is transacted directly by wireless communication on mobile computers – via apps.

What challenges appear in the development of a mobile application?

The App-user expects a playful simplicity in the operation, yet with a professional quality and robustness. Especially, when the app is delivered as a complement to a product, a high quality standard as for the product itself must be achieved. Also mobile apps for marketing purposes should exhibit a high quality standard in order to not have counter-productive effects.

The development of cross-platform-capable mobile applications for iOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile and others is desired with increased regularity. Furthermore, the strategic integration of mobile apps in the entrepreneurial business process saves costs.

What methodology is used by HELVETING in the development of a mobile app?

We are used to work with an agile methodology in the development of mobile apps. We support you in the conception of the right strategy for your app and in the realisation of mobile solutions for your enterprise. HELVETING gladly takes over the software development until the implementation of your mobile app.

If the demands are specified clearly from the beginning or if a process norm as in medical technology regulates the development, we will adjust our methodology flexibly and we will work according to our phase-oriented HEP (HELVETING Engineering Process). That way, we develop customer-specific and individual software solutions.

What are the concrete services HELVETING is using to support you in the development of mobile apps?

HELVETING distinguishes itself in the multitude of engineering experts from a great variety of specialist fields. They think in networks and work interdisciplinary – we call this innovative way of thinking and working Cross Engineering. You benefit from the broad wealth of experience of our HELVETING experts in the area of mobile applications.

Thanks to Cross Engineering, we combine our knowhow from a multitude of projects in the development of mobile apps. We have knowledge of the special requirements on the process or the usability for mobile app developments. We willingly consult you comprehensively and conceive collaboratively your custom-fit mobile app. Besides the consultancy and conception, we support you in the integration, the continuous support and the maintenance as well. We gladly take over completely the project management of your mobile app development and we keep the costs in mind. Due to the use of appropriate tools and processes, the development projects of mobile apps stay economic and efficient in the realisation.

Our knowledge from developments of web-based applications as well as encrypted and therefore safe data transfer is brought in by us in the development of mobile apps besides other numerous experiences (software architecture).

Competences Mobile App

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Architecture model
  • UI design
  • Business logics and services design
  • Web technology (Javascript, Html5, CSS)