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.NET technology and integration in your Microsoft environment

HELVETING is your competent and independent contact for environments, in which the use of Microsoft Windows is established. In this matter, the Foundations and the .NET Framework of Microsoft offer an extensive library of functionalities. Due to their use, a simple integration including several services of Microsoft software is possible and a uniform visual appearance is guaranteed.

Integration in Microsoft environments

In the beginning of the development of a new software application, our experts determine together with you, in which environment the software should function, and consult you on these matters. The IT strategy of a company is in many cases focused on Microsoft products. Thus, there is an infrastructure, in which a new application should be embedded. It may also be a business decision to provide an application only for the Microsoft Windows world. The Microsoft .NET Framework with its associated Foundations and specific extensions offers a variety of options.

The user-friendliness besides the fulfilment of the demanded functionality is for us a relevant criterion for the success of software. You get a uniform visual appearance by the use of Microsoft Frameworks and a consistent operating philosophy is pushed.

Substantial functionality

The manifold functionality of .NET improves in addition the integration into the existing environment. The connection to MS-SQL databases with ADO.NET or also the Active Directory with the directory services will be abstracted by adequate components and allow for a simplified development. By using ASP.NET, also web applications have this range of possibilities.

Besides the components that are created by Microsoft, a multitude of commercial libraries from other suppliers, which contribute further useful functionalities, is available.


Although all Microsoft products originate from the same company, they went through many evolutionary steps and cannot be combined as desired. Therefore, we concern us at first with the determination, which combination of Windows version and .NET Framework is to be developed:

  • Determination of Windows versions, on which the application will run
  • Respective definition of .NET version and other potential libraries
  • Determination of required service packs of all components or possible complementing Microsoft libraries (for instance XPS Essentials)

It is furthermore important to consider which browser in which version and with which architecture (32 bit, 64 bit) are applicable for web applications.

The disclosure of all dependencies on services in the system as well as possible known restrictions of the Frameworks must be considered too.

The realisation is done by standard tools (Visual Studio) of Microsoft as well as complementing tools of third parties to additionally secure the software quality.

Competences, methods & tools

The experts of HELVETING are equipped with a MSDN subscription. This allows us to work with the required versions of all components at all times. Our knowledge and our experience span the following areas:

  • Microsoft Unit Test Framework
  • Visual Studio (many versions), SharpDevelop, Mono
  • C#, VB.NET, C++
  • Sharepoint
  • Resharper and further tools of third parties

There are still existing software applications that are still based on older Microsoft components such as MFC, COM/DCOM. At HELVETING, we still have the competence to foster such applications or even extend them.