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Long-time experience in Java for business applications

When the independence of a platform is an important criterion for a software application, the Java technology provides a solution for many years. The coherent application can be extended with many components. Also in the environment of mobile devices that are based on Android the technology is widely spread. HELVETING stands on your side as a consultancy and realisation partner.

Java technology makes it possible to run a programme on different computer systems. This is an advantage, when you want to use programmes independent of the platform.

How the independence of platforms is made possible

Software, which should function on different operating system platforms and on diverse process architectures, must be developed by a technology that is supporting this portability. The Java technology has exactly this characteristic.

A high number of Frameworks extends the range of functions of JavaEE in the area of user interfaces (GUIs), communication and databases. Especially in the area of databases, a multitude of various products, SQL and NoSQL, exists that are very well combinable to Java.

The use of Java in software systems

Especially in the area of larger software systems such as ERP or CRM applications, the actual functionality and application of the software have priority. The application solves a generic task that can be modified user-specifically by configuration files. The platform itself plays a sub-ordinate role. Such systems are often organised as web services.

Cross Engineering by HELVETING in the software area

In software fields, which are fitted for Java solutions, you profit from HELVETING even more because of our interdisciplinary organisation and the cross-disciplinary working engineers. We have set another focus of our software portfolio in the area Mobile App.


Java applications are basically independent of the platform. However, it is to check, if the respective necessary abstractions of the platform are available. This is done in a first step in the frame of the software’s architecture.

Is the application thought off as web service, it must be determined, if it is under the cover of a web server such as Tomcat or if it will be a stand-alone application.

The right version of Java depends on the existence of the respective runtime environment for all target platforms.

The realisation is performed by Eclipse or NetBeans as development environment. We use also tools of third parties to secure the software quality. Static tests are regularly conducted by the use of jUnit.

Competences, methods & tools

The experts of HELVETING have a long-time experience in the area of business applications based on Java and thus the connection of databases and applications in the web area.

  • jUnit, log4j
  • Eclipse, NetBeans, Intellij, Maven
  • Swing, SWT, AWT
  • Hibernate
  • Tomcat, JSP, JavaServlets
  • Activiti Framework, Jasper Reports
  • Resharper

HELVETING is also experienced in the area mobile applications on Android platforms. Our service of Mobile Apps can be found here.