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Imaging & Machine Vision

Imaging plays a vital role in modern medicine and industry. Thanks to imaging methods, it is possible to count measure and track objects in machines, to inspect them and to read coded information on objects. A doctor is able to analyse X-ray and ultrasonic images through medical imaging resulting in better medical findings. Machine vision is also apparent in security zones at the airport when items of luggage are screened by X-rays while searching for dangerous objects.

Increasing global competition and unclear economic outlook require the industry to focus more than ever on production efficiency and quality control but avoid increasing costs. Machine vision plays an essential role in automation and inspection during manufacturing processes. Compact, fully automated machine vision systems can be easily integrated into existing production lines and ensure highest safety and quality standards.

What is imaging and machine vision at HELVETING?

Originally, imaging was the processing of signals, whether they were images or videos, and their interpretation. Today, imaging is used in many science and engineering disciplines as for instance in modern microscopy, medical diagnosis or in mechanical engineering.

Imaging – image analysis and moving image

HELVETING is your engineering partner for entire system solutions in imaging including lighting, optics, cameras, image acquisition and software. Based on the investigation of the whole environment of your specific task, we create a custom-fit systemic solution for your current systems. The experience and competence of our experts in imaging result in a technically and economically optimal solution. HELVETING supports your imaging project from the idea to the concrete realisation.

Who is your contact?

Yixuan Yang, our expert for imaging, is your contact for all issues about the subject of imaging. He and his competence centre team have a wide wealth of experience from HELVETING projects in imaging. They continue improving their skills, getting to know new technologies and enhancing them.

What is imaging capable in medicine?

Besides in traditional production, medical imaging and image analysis are indispensable in diagnose, operation and treatment nowadays. Various imaging techniques (e.g. X-ray, CT, MRI etc.) are used to acquire pathological information of the human body. Medical images are analysed to detect changes of interests or reconstruct organs in 3D. The imaging provides the doctor with images that are easy to be interpreted. It simplifies and specifies at the time the analysis and diagnose in medicine.

HELVETING is your engineering partner in medical imaging. We develop individual solutions for you. HELVETING is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality management) and ISO 13485 (Medical products), which guarantee highest standards in quality and safety.

What is imaging capable of in industry?

In factory workshops, shopping malls or in intelligent traffic systems, moving human or objects in image sequences have to be tracked and direction of further movement has to be predicted. Modern machine vision technology opens up an ever wider range to solve the technical problems which were not solvable before.

Machine vision in automation – HELVETING supports your manufacturing process

Challenges are not only limited to detecting still objects. Imaging plays an essential role in automation and in inspection during the manufacturing process of industrial products. Imaging techniques provide an optimal quality assurance in the manufacturing process because of their continuous screening. Industrial robotics will be supported more and more by machine vision. HELVETING is your engineering partner when it comes to task of machine vision. Our compact, fully automated imaging and machine vision solutions can be easily integrated into your existing systems and ensure highest safety and quality standards.

HELVETING looks back on a wide experience from various projects in industry, as for example object recognition and tracking, position detection, completeness checking, shape, dimensional and surface inspection, defect detection below surfaces and coating thickness measurement.

Why HELVETING is your first choice

Whenever challenges emerge in your system, the skilled experts of HELVETING are at your service. We understand the technical challenges of your requirements and can give you detailed advices in each part of machine vision system. Our experts have a long-time experience, respective education and further training to be on hand with help and advice for you.

HELVETING employs 150 engineers and scientists and fosters the interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge exchange among them. Employees of HELVETING live Cross Engineering, they transfer knowledge and methods from various engineering sciences and sectors into another and create this way the technology of tomorrow.


  • Lighting
  • Optics
  • Camera
  • Image acquisition
  • Software
  • System integration

After investigating the whole environment of your specific task, we provide you an all-around systemic solution tailored to your existing systems. Our competence ensures that it is technically and economically optimal so that you can minimize both risk and cost.

Competences, methods & tools

  • System solutions: including lighting, optics, cameras, image acquisition, software
  • State-of-the-art tools and algorithms: NI Vision, HALCON, OpenCV etc.
  • Automation
  • Inspection and measurement
  • Medical imaging
  • Real-time video processing
  • Object recognition and tracking
  • 3D reconstruction