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FPGA – Realisation of complex digital circuits and systems

The FPGA technology enjoys great popularity. Since its beginning, the FPGA technology was improved continuously to a point, where it replaces user-defined ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuits) and processors in applications for signal processing as well as for control tasks. HELVETING has qualified experts who support you in the handling of this emerging technology.

What is FPGA?

A FPGA is an integrated circuit, in which a logical circuit can be programmed. Through programming, the logic gates can be inter-wired and the functionality of single blocks and their circuitry can be determined. Thus, the FPGA technology makes a definition of any functional structure with the same module possible.

Where is the FPGA technology applied?

FPGAs will be used in the realisation of complex digital circuits up to complete digital systems. Reconfigurations of FPGAs can be done directly at the end users hardware. It is a big advantage to react rapidly to technical developments and the digital circuits can be adjusted by updates without changing the hardware.

What services does HELVETING offer?

FPGAs demand another approach on the algorithm draft than one for classical programming languages. Still, software engineers without experience in digital logic design are often not ideally prepared to solve such tasks and hit the wall. HELVETING offers you experienced engineers capable of mastering these challenges.

HELVETING can support you in the handling of single modules as the development of requirement specifications, in the implementations into VHDL and Verilog as well as in system-on-chip designs including programming of soft cores.

What competences do the HELVETING experts have?

Our experts have long-time experiences with FPGAs of the common producers and many communication protocols such as CAN, Ethernet or PCIe and with proprietary interfaces. In these matters, we follow our proven engineering processes.

One of the strengths of Cross Engineering of HELVETING is the realisation of software solutions or theoretical models in hardware by using FPGA. We pool our knowledge from different areas to develop optimal solutions. Our competences are multifaceted because of the interdisciplinary way of work enabling us to think across borders and be innovative.

FPGA – manufacturer-independent solution

The HELVETING engineers have gained experience with all common FPGA manufacturers, mainly Xilinx, Altera and MicroSemi. Thus, we offer you a neutral consultancy and solutions, which are adapted to your specific requirements. There is no time wasted testing the FPGA designs in a laboratory. The first-time-right strategy from ASIC-environment has transferred also to the FPGA development. In the scope of test-driven designs, the expected behaviour of each module is described at first in a unit test conducted automatically and continuously. This ensures the correctness of the implementation and a measurement of the project’s progress.

FPGA as part of your lifecycle management

If essential components are not available anymore in the market, the future use of legacy applications can be made harder enormously. HELVETING presents the best possible solution for current FPGAs or solutions developed by other manufacturers. In collaboration with our lifecycle management experts, we offer you a complete and optimal solution.

HELVETING has the combination of profound knowledge of the industry, technology knowhow, long-time experience as well as the functional and social competences to support you competently at all times.