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Software Engineering

Established software technologies and modern trends – HELVETING has a broad knowhow in contemporary software engineering. Our experts willingly consult you to find the right technology for you and to configure it complying with your desires and visions.

Software engineering comprises the areas specification, conception, development and maintenance of software systems. The transformation of the real requirements into a viable model and the realisation in a stable, high-performance system is the art of software engineering. During the whole lifecycle of software, HELVETING accompanies you as a competent partner and can realise single projects for you as well.

HELVETING supports your company in setup and in development of software systems respectively

We gladly assume the realisation of entire projects or of single project phases for you. Every phase will be completely and clearly documented and closed. This approach allows for a direct way to the final product as well as for an iterative approach. The documentation and the software source code are completely yours. Eventually developed intellectual property will be assigned to our customers. HELVETING is solution-neutral, does not hold any patents and does not keep strategic relationships. Our specialists are familiar with different systems and technologies and bring along the relevant certifications. We develop customised software both based on the waterfall model and on the agile Scrum method.

What support does a current software need?

It can be required in the course of a software’s lifecycle to make adjustments or error corrections. We gladly attend your software, even if the documentation is incomplete or not existing anymore. You can concentrate on your daily business.

Why does a software engineering project need a software architecture?

There is often a conflict between different visions and expectations in the beginning of a software engineering project in the specification phase. The architecture determines the basic modules which are used during the project to build your final product. A software architecture from HELVETING allows for enough flexibility of the single modules and their interactions and is able to respond to modifications. HELVETING relies on modules of reliable subassemblies for the development of complex software solutions. These are partly in-house developments, partly third-party components as e.g. Open source frameworks.

What technologies does HELVETING apply in software engineering?

.NET is a software platform designed by Microsoft for the development and execution of application programmes. HELVETING is your qualified and independent specialist for IT environments in which Microsoft Windows is set. For this, the Foundation frameworks and Microsoft’s .NET framework offer an extensive library of functionalities. Applying them, a simple integration in several services of Microsoft software is possible and a uniform appearance is ensured. If the platform independence is an important criterion for a software application, the Java technology offers itself as the platform of choice. The coherent application can be extended by many components. Also in the environment of mobile devices based on Android, this technology is widely used and a powerful alternative platform to Microsoft products. HELVETING is on your side both as consulting and as realisation partner. We ascertain the appropriate software technology for your requirements together with you.

What software solutions are available for file architecture and planning?

HELVETING conceptualises and develops your individual software solution together with you. We mutually ponder of how and in what form (technology) a database system does suit its purpose in your company. Using databases and user-sided web portals, it counts for much to avoid any potential performance shortage and to keep the usability up at the same time. HELVETING is familiar with various technologies which prove to be adequate.

Potentially, a classic Microsoft Excel solution (spreadsheet solution) turns out to be ideal for you. HELVETING’s experts ensure a high usability without performance shortages. In the case that different persons don’t have to have access simultaneously to the same database, a Microsoft Excel solution can represent a practicable and economic alternative.

How does a modern enterprise resource planning function?

Enterprise resource planning supports the efficient use of available resources (capital, equipment and personnel) in a company and assists in optimising the controlling of business processes. ERP systems gain in importance, even for your company. HELVETING offers you long-time experience in the development, the customizing and deployment of software. Our knowhow in the area of enterprise resource planning entails using the most appropriate instrument at each point in time and guiding you as a customer. HELVETING works with the software PQForce in the area of ERP.

Do you want a mobile application for your company?

Due to the prevalence of smart phones, tablets and similar devices, the idea of dedicated mobile applications, in short apps, has been generally accepted. We offer you an interactive methodology for the development of an app. We transform your rough or already concrete vision into a first design. After one week, you are going to have a finished app on your device. Complying with your statements and priorities, we develop the app together in a weekly rhythm – until the result corresponds to your visions.