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Product lifecycle management in all technical aspects

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a multifaceted task field. It spans nearly all corporate divisions and has established itself as a working concept in the last years. HELVETING supports your lifecycle management in all technical aspects.

By the use of a product lifecycle management, all information that accumulates in the course of a product’s lifecycle can be merged. PLM is based on coordinated methods, process and organisational structures and uses IT systems for data recording and management.

A product lifecycle management simplifies and improves the controlling of processes that are required in every part of a lifecycle. The increase in transparency of expenses and benefits is another plus of PLM.

How does HELVETING support you in product lifecycle management?

HELVETING supports you in maintenance and service of your product’s designs.  Our experts and our interdisciplinary organised teams take over single (re)engineering projects for you, even the whole management of technical product lifecycle on demand.

Product lifecycle management starts with a custom-fit and individual solution. We free up space that you require to concentrate on your core tasks you would like to dedicate yourself to.

What tasks can HELVETING take over for your product lifecycle management?

A routinely conducted review of requirements and specifications complies with the following questions:

Does the product meet state-of-the-art?

Does the market conformity have to be reassessed?

Is the availability of the components guaranteed?

Such activities are sporadically necessary, determined by the market and they cause hardly predicable working load peaks of demand. As an engineering service and consultancy company, HELVETING brings along the necessary flexibility to take over the technical product lifecycle management for you. The potential work profile of HELVETING can be versatile and is dependent on performance and industry sector.

What corporate divisions are analysed by PLM?

The systems that are involved by the concept comprise design (CAD) and computations (CAE), production planning (plants and technology), PPS, sales planning, sales, distribution logistics and end-of-life management including service and recycling aspects. Thus, PLM is a corporate concept, which must be realised by appropriate technical and organisational measures for each individual company.

PLM solutions for the industry are today multidisciplinary systems that are as well capable to simulate (digital prototyping), to validate and to manufacture. Besides the management of the mechanical, electronic and electromechanical components, also the management of software control and generally embedded software are integrated.

Product lifecycle management as key to innovation?

A close coordination of all corporate divisions is essential in order to be able to realise successfully product innovations in a company. Innovation and creativity are the basis for new product developments. The inclusion, or the reflection respectively, of the entire product lifecycle are reasonable from the start. Innovation and Product lifecycle management go hand in hand with each other. HELVETING can fall back on the experts of the area innovation management. We work cross-disciplinary together to realise your innovation.


  • Requirements analysis
  • Determination of an individual product lifecycle management model
  • Agreement of reporting structures
  • Commencement of work and reporting

Competences, methods & tools

  • Analysis of state-of-the-art
  • Assessment of current patents
  • Conformity assessment
  • Risk management
  • Documentation
  • Product review, verification, (re)validation
  • Management of testing and measuring instruments