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Product architecture and development of module strategies

Are you looking for synergies between different product lines or do you want to react more efficient on variants within a certain product line? HELVETING supports you in the modular design of your machines or devices from the first idea to the realisation in the manufacturing process.

HELVETING considers your product, its manufacturing and your internal processes as a unit. We define reasonable functional modules through all disciplines and propose standardised interfaces and configuration mechanisms. Depending on your demand, we offer collaboration in the areas of modularisation and standardisation whether it is project support, consultancy or project management.

When does it make sense to develop modular product architecture?

The product architecture, or also called the product structure, describes basically the way a product is built up. It is the presentation of the combination of single parts or assemblies. The goal of HELVETING for the product architecture is the functional dismantling in components in order to optimise their combination options on the way to the final product.

If products consist of several distinguishable components, they will be described in modular product architecture. The definitions 'component', 'assembly' or 'module' are equally set in this context. By a definition of possibly the most independent modules of a product, HELVETING reaches a reduction of complexity. The modules will be defined with the smallest number of possible interfaces and interconnected.

How does HELVETING realise your module strategy?

We develop platform strategies and module strategies for machines and devices on your demand. The range of our service ranges from the reengineering of existing systems to the conception of completely new product generations. Thereby, we willingly assume all tasks of the design, the definition of the mechanics and of the electrical hardware as well as the implementation of the software for a control, for instance a PLC. Of course, we test all functions according to a prior defined test plan. Additionally, we develop the tools and code generators for you with the aim of comfortable configuration of the software modules.

What advantages does product architecture by HELVETING offer?

The design of your product architecture is an important piece for the economical success of your product. Many approaches and methods are available to determine the demanded requirements of the product that could be realised by modularisation.

HELVETING finds the suitable product architecture for your case of application and realises it together with you. Based on the analysis of the current product architecture and the characteristics and functions of the product, we derive systematically potentials for optimisation. We conceive your individual product architecture for a new development based on projected variants and quantities, and we keep costs and benefits in mind.

What are the competences of HELVETING in the areas modularisation, standardisation of devices, machines and plants?

We have competences in the analysis of machines, devices or engineering processes in order to define reasonable functional modules capable to be used in a versatile way. Additionally, we propose standardised interfaces and configuration mechanisms.

How does HELVETING proceed in the area product architecture?

HELVETING develops for you in a first step various concepts with the aim to split your product in functional units. After that, cost-saving opportunities by reuse of modules are compared to your current situation. We assess your engineering process independently and reveal optimisation potentials. The aim is a standardisation of components for diverse applications and a preferably automated manufacturing of the different variants. As a consequence, possibilities for an increase in efficiency in the engineering process become apparent.

We compare the different concepts and evaluate them. After the presentation of the possible alternatives the experts of HELVETING together with your speciality department choose the best modular architecture. You support us subsequently in the definition of measures and their realisation. Regular reports and a constant comparison with your vision and ideas are important to us.

What types of analyses and methods are used by HELVETING?

We use specific methods for each analysis, starting with a functional analysis with a potential reengineering of current systems. After that, a designing of a distributed control architecture follows. The modular software is presented in UML. We also gladly take over the programming of the controls and construct interfaces between hardware modules.

In all questions about product architecture and the topics modularisation and standardisation, you can trust in HELVETING as a strong partner. Thanks to our interdisciplinary interconnected engineers, we can realise your project from beginning to end.


  • Analysis of your products and your production methods
  • Comparison and assessment of alternative concepts
  • Support in the definition of measures and their realization
  • Constant comparison with the persons responsible

We inform you continually with regular reports about our activities.

Competences, methods & tools

  • Programming of PLC and Soft-PLC controls
  • Functional analyses and reengineering of current systems
  • Design of machine parts
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Presentation of the modules in UML