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Computer-aided design with the CAD experts of HELVETING

You would like to develop, build up or manufacture something new? Do lack manpower capacity or knowhow to realise the project in a timely manner? HELVETING is your competent partner in all questions about design and guides you safely from start to finish, from the first mouse click to the design to the detailed drawings.

Computer-aided designing is one of the most important tools for the creation and engineering of drafts and designs of technical solutions. HELVETING is broadly positioned in this area with an expert team who has not only mastery of all common CAD programmes but also possesses the experience from diverse branches.

When is it reasonable to use CAD?

CAD applications can be found in nearly all technical industry sectors. CAD engineers of HELVETING design in different branches from classical mechanical engineering to complex electromechanical systems. CAD is today almost exceptionally used in later concept and design phases.

By using CAD software, it is possible to draw three-dimensional objects in digital form and to assign or compute material properties. Furthermore, CAD programmes can be utilised to derive manufacturing information, to create product documentation and to find the suitable solution process for your individual requirement by conducting concrete computations and simulations. If possible, HELVETING uses CAD early in the development of your project, for instance in presenting different variants and in analyses or FE simulations.

What competences does HELVETING have at command in the area Design and CAD?

Our CAD experts design, model and draw your concrete project. From the beginning, HELVETING takes responsibility for all steps from drafting to drawing control to filing of the drawings in your product data management system (PDM). Already existing designs and drawings are modified on demand and accordingly versioned and populated in the PDM. The corresponding master files will be actualised as well as all data is reviewed on consistency. Further, we create and maintain the bills of material and other documents. Our experts consult you also in issues about standardisation, for instance concerning the manufacturing process and regarding standard parts. The HELVETING engineers have the ability to integrate themselves rapidly in your company and are extremely flexible. They are an ideal reinforcement of your team because of their interdisciplinary knowledge and experience.

What CAD programmes does HELVETING use?

We support you in the design and engineering at your site or at one of our own HELVETING locations in Neuenhof, Bern and Uzwil being able to work with all common CAD standard programmes as Inventor, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia, Mega CAD, PTC Creo, NX or SolidEdge. HELVETING consults and supports you in making the decision for a suitable CAD system. We also support you in projects that are created beyond industry boundaries and that demand an interdisciplinary design.

Strength calculations, vibration analyses, flow simulations etc. can be computed with ANSYS and its diverse extensions. By using this simulation software, the HELVETING experts can perform reliable calculations and describe how a construction is functioning in the real world thanks to simulations.

What knowledge of the industry and experience does HELVETING have in the area of CAD systems?

Due to our knowledge organisation in Competence Centres and therefore the active fostering of our knowhow and competences, all engineers of HELVETING have access to a broad network of experts or knowledge sources respectively. HELVETING promotes the interdisciplinary and cross-industry thinking and working.

Our experiences in and beyond the competence field design/CAD are gathered in mechanical areas such as the (major) plant construction, mechanical engineering as well as the (test) automation. We also have experts in device development, micro technology and medical device development, in the area implants and surgical instruments. HELVETING is also responsible for projects in lightweight technology. Competences as virtual prototyping, numerical calculations and simulation, feasibility & prototyping, product architecture/ modularisation or drive and positioning systems belong to our standard repertoire of the HELVETING range of competences.

In all these fields, HELVETING stands on your side with a well organised team to realise your individual solution for your project. Our design/CAD experts consult you and lead your project from beginning to end or they realise a subproject on your demand. All of our experts work cross-industry and –disciplinary. With the assignment of a HELVETING engineer for your project, you additionally benefit beyond this expert, but also from our broadly positioned competence network. This is Cross Engineering by HELVETING.


We support you in the design and construction in the following branches:

·         (Major) plant construction

·         Mechanical engineering

·         Device development

·         (Test) automation

·         Medical technology

·         Micro technology

·         Automotive engineering

CAD & Simulation Software

We support you in design and development by using:

CAD Software:

Inventor (Autodesk)

AutoCAD (Autodesk)

SolidWorks (Dassault Systèmes)

Catia (Dassault Systèmes)

Mega CAD (MegaTech Software GmbH)

PTC Creo (PTC)

Solid Edge (Siemens)

NX (Siemens)


Simulation Software:


ANSYS Fluent (Ansys)

ANSYS Mechanical (Ansys)