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Innovation management and open innovation in companies

The sustainable success of a company depends on its ability to follow the changes in the market. The basis for a long-term success is built by an institutionalised innovation management. It comprises culture, strategy and a lived process.

HELVETING covers the systematic planning, control and monitoring of innovations with regard to the securing of the economic success of your company.

Why are innovations important to a successful company?

Again, the sustainable success of a company depends on its ability to follow the changes in the market. A pipeline of new products or the process improvements with the purpose to lower the costs are important preconditions for the survival of a company. For this, an established innovation management in a company builds the basis.

Many companies are strongly absorbed by urgent tasks of the daily work. There is usually not enough time left to win the employees for the important, future-oriented subjects and to keep the necessary personal resources free. The company runs into danger that it is not in time or not by its own efforts to secure its existence in the market.

What innovation management is the most appropriate for a company? The answer depends on the orientation, the competences or the market. Therefore, it is important to find out where to act and to focus.

Why is the right prioritising worth a mint?

An important principle says: Do the urgent but do not neglect the important! Many employees are busy with the necessary, but often time-consumptive daily work. Do you have the required personal resources to deal with the essential, future-oriented subjects? Is your company strategically positioned and organised for the future? HELVETING can help answering these questions.

How can you benefit from HELVETING in the area of innovation?

What strategy is appropriate for your company? It depends on the orientation of your company, your entrepreneurial and technical competences and last but not least on the development of the market. It is vital to conduct a customised analysis which can secure your entrepreneurial success in the future.

Methods and analyses which lead an innovation process to success

For the determination of necessary parameters and influencing factors and as a basis for a strategy, we fall back to a pool of proven methods such as interviews and group consultations, literature and web research as well as data analyses. We discuss with you in detail what innovation management methods will be used.

The introduction of an innovation process does not take place in the course of a short-term project. We put it into practice step by step together with you. At first, we lead you. Later, we accompany you – if you request.

How are internal and external factors of a company analysed?

The environment in which your company moves is described by the external factors. For instance, HELVETING determines these factors by means of search field, competitive, technology or also customer analyses. The internal factors are typically described by a technology portfolio, the record of the core competences as well as the general knowledge and the abilities of a company. From the results of the analysis, a innovation strategy, that is appropriate to your company and its environment, can be derived. This allows you to use your resources efficiently.

Open innovation and the decisive, creative idea

The first step for innovation is the idea generation. We willingly support you in a unique creativity workshop, brainstorming or the implementation of an equivalent process which implements a continuous idea and knowhow management. Besides the classic creativity methods, you would also like to apply new techniques such as open innovation. This is an open strategy which, for instance, includes your customer in the process and they become part of your culture. Thereby, you can build up a unique business-to-customer (B2C) –relationship. What opportunities arise for your company and what can be reasonably used? HELVETING gladly consults you on this matter.

How can Cross Engineering support your innovation management?

As a technology company and service contractor, we are confronted daily with new challenges and situations. We benefit from our experiences in diverse industry sectors and the various engineering disciplines. Cross Engineering means for us utilising synergies and scaling the approaches flexibly.

The realisation of an effective innovation management must happen in your company on site. By using our knowhow and experience background, we are able to analyse the determining factors for you in order to recommend a methodology, a process or a strategy. We gladly accompany you in the concrete realisation process.


For the determination of necessary characteristic variables and influencing factors, we fall back on methods that have proven to be successful. Which methods are used will be discussed with you in detail:

  • Web search
  • Interviews
  • Group interviews / web-based surveys
  • Literature research
  • Document analysis

Competences, methods & tools

Analysis of external factors (for instance)

  • Search field analysis
  • Technology analysis

Analysis of internal factors (for instance)

  • Technology portfolio
  • Product portfolio

Idea finding

  • Open innovation
  • Creativity workshops using diverse creativity methods
  • Idea and knowhow management

Establishment of a process which implements a continuous idea and knowhow management.