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Cross Engineering for drive and positioning systems

Requirements tend to demand faster or higher solutions – now and in future. Besides that, a drive system by HELVETING could also lie in the task to perform slowest movements in the area of micrometers in combination with enormous forces. We offer you the knowhow and practical experience related to the subject of “Motion”.

How do drive systems by HELVETING set your plant in motion?

Whether you would like to position pipettes, drive vehicles, adjust a permanent magnet or move patients – we have faced up to a huge variety of different ways of movements and we are looking forward to every new challenge.

“Motion” starts usually with a construction’s movable parts. A drive can thereby be electric, hydraulic, thermal or even piezoelectric. Whenever there is no option for you to solve your problem with standard purchased parts, but you are in demand of pushing their boundaries, the experts of HELVETING will be inventive.

Fastest drive systems for ultracentrifuges, automotive hybrid systems or classical servo tasks generally demand a power unit or a transformer respectively that is typically a custom model. Additionally, a drive system must be operated, monitored, secured and recorded. Therefore, software applications that run on standard hardware need to be integrated.

How does HELVETING realise “motion” using Cross Engineering?

The subject area “motion” requires a close collaboration between many disciplines – this is the expertise of HELVETING thanks to Cross Engineering. We unite knowhow and experience of more than hundred engineers from different engineering sciences and we work interdisciplinary. In order to have access to our knowing, we apply systematic knowledge management and foster our core themes. Explain us your “motion” task and do not hesitate to express apparently exotic ideas. We use to work in an open dialogue, and the engineers of HELVETING dedicate themselves to your project with passion.

When does HELVETING use positioning systems?

An exact positioning of components is essential in many areas for the proper function of a technical system. Positioning systems are complex and a broad knowhow is required for their development. The experts of HELVETING have expertise in the areas of control technology of electromechanical systems as well as knowledge in the realisation of hardware and software, and in design, computation and simulation. We also care about an adequate documentation and admission tasks.

The particular challenge of interdisciplinary engineering is the set-up of all elements. Only that way it is possible to exploit the potentials, to reach an optimal cost-benefit ratio and to harmonise the demanded precision with the system costs.

These engineering tasks arise mostly in a timely constrained frame and require often special knowhow that is not used in daily business. For that reason it is generally not reasonable for a company to build employees up for these tasks.

The collaboration with an engineering service company allows you to act fast and flexible in these situations. Our experts are inventive and develop your custom-fit solution.

Precision is our strength. We develop competent solutions for you in interdisciplinary composed teams in the area of positioning systems. Our offer for you comprises the dimensioning, realisation, verification/validation and optimisation of positioning systems.

What services does HELVETING provide in the development of positioning systems?

HELVETING offers workshops and consultancy in technical issues during the development of positioning systems. Assembly modelling is used for dimensioning and common tools, such as ANSYS, Mathcad or Pro Engineer/Creo, are applied for computations and simulations.

The creation and presentation of developed concepts, realisation and verification are gladly taken over by us. We work out the chosen concepts in detail and verify their functionality. Further, we work optionally according to your own processes or to our proven engineering process.

How does HELVETING optimise your total system?

From the first functional models to the production stage, we optimise your individual total system together with the team computation and simulation, design and the specialists of control technology. We offer corresponding processes such as risk analyses in cooperation with our quality engineers.


Our methodology follows a proven process – not only since our ISO 13485 certification. You already notice this when you receive our tender offer. The project documentation and the project billing are also well established. This leads to insight and safeness for you. We are concerned to have a transparent methodology.

Competences, methods & tools

  • Broad evaluation of applicable types of drive
  • Dimensioning of the drive system
  • Design (only 3D), 3D simulation
  • Physics, computation using Matlab, Mathcad
  • FEM computations using Ansys (Forces/stresses, magnetic fields, temperatures, etc.)
  • Understanding for electrical machines and their transformers
  • Sensor technology
  • Control technology, optimisation
  • Verification, fatigue and crash tests
  • Operator software
  • Monitoring equipment