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Engineering of complex plants by HELVETING

You would like to build up a new plant, to modify or extend an existing one? You lack the skills or the capacity to implement the project in a timely manner? HELVETING is your competent partner for all working steps from planning to design to realisation and commissioning.

Plant engineering is the high art of the combination of all important technical engineering disciplines. At first, the computing of the statics of supporting structures and fundaments all the way to the programming of a control, all disciplines of modern engineering sciences come together in this subject. Whether a plant must be earthquake-proof or it will be exposed to extreme temperatures – we compute and simulate your specific situation.

How does HELVETING realise assignments in plant engineering?

Engineers of HELVETING have a big treasure of experience and knowledge in the area of the planning and conception of big process industry plants. Additionally to it, a knowledge network between experts from all established engineering sciences completes the requirements in order to be able to design such complex plants. Cross Engineering – mechanical and electrical technology as well as their smart linking to system-integrated software solutions – builds the basis for a creative solution finding process.

After the reception or the joint elaboration of the requirements specification, we develop, in consultation with you, your individual and custom-fit solution for your plant.

From the idea to the commissioning – Phases of the development of a plant

We develop ideas in the conceptual phase to realise functions of the plant as efficient as possible. In this phase, we willingly consult with your internal specialists as well as with additional HELVETING engineers. On top of this created basis, we clarify in a regular exchange with you the concepts and the further processing. Together with you, we determine in advance in which critical definition phases we need to coordinate. Your desired concepts will then be realised and detailed in the so-called design and development phase on an appropriate CAD system. Our experts in the field of CAD and design have experience in the common CAD programmes and can consult you also in the choice of a CAD system.

A complex plant process and commissioning of a plant by HELVETING

On demand, we assume, or we assume together with you, the commissioning of the plant. For very complex plants, the engineers of HELVETING investigate the single steps of each process within the plant. Every single step must be controlled for sure and if necessary, custom-fit instrument-based solutions must be developed. By interconnecting, adjusting and optimising of the single technical components, the process will be completed. Adding the respective utilities and disposal facilities, the control and monitoring concept, the HELVETING plant concept is ready to go.

Translating industry-specific solutions by HELVETING

We have a wide experience in plant engineering because we carried out diverse large-scale projects. Therefore, we can guarantee an optimal, customised knowhow transfer. HELVETING is predestined for multidisciplinary projects of each form due to Cross Engineering and has an enormous competence palette because of the HELVETING knowledge network in which 150 engineers from various disciplines and branches are active.

HELVETING supports you in plant engineering with manifold competences

HELVETING can support you optimally in the realisation of your plans. We are especially experienced in the computation and simulation of technically challenging projects. We are also familiar with the handling of various environmental influences such as temperature fluctuations or humidity influence on plants and plan for you also the hygiene zones, cleanrooms or ex zones. We willingly realise the respective solutions. HELVETING is practised in the handling of the resource energy and the efficient isolation. You only can benefit from it.

In which areas in addition to plant engineering can HELVETING support you?

HELVETING offers you support in the design, engineering of plant and systems and consults you in the choice of hard- and software as well as process implementation. We assume for you also the management of projects, for instance the implementation of a new development or the market launch of a new production line.

By living Cross Engineering, we bring the knowledge and experience from different disciplines and industry sectors together. That way, innovative engineering is resulting – a real added value for you.


Industrial focus in plant engineering

  • Food processing industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Transportation and conveyor technology

After the reception or the joint elaboration of the requirements specification, we develop your desired number of solutions or proposed solutions respectively.

Conception phase: Ideas will be individually or together with your internal specialists developed.

Definition phase: In predefined intervals, the concepts will be checked in meetings and approved for further processing.

Design and development phase: Your desired concepts will be realised and detailed on the CAD system that is preferred by you.

Commissioning: On demand, we assume, or we assume together with you, the commissioning of the plant.

Competences, methods & tools

We offer you a wide palette of characteristics and abilities in order to support you in the realisation of your intentions in plant engineering.

  • Computations and simulations
  • Planning and realisation of hygiene zones, cleanrooms and ex zones
  • Consideration of special environmental influences
  • Practised and cautious handling of the resource energy and isolation
  • HEP, engineering process with cost and deadline monitoring