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Product engineering with passionate engineers

Passionate engineering is our core competence. The engineers and scientists of HELVETING work in various branches and disciplines and collect this knowhow to develop custom-made solutions in product engineering. You can profit from the broad range of HELVETING’s disciplines. HELVETING supports you in all questions about product engineering.

In the business area product engineering all our technical engineering disciplines come together. HELVETING supports you in product engineering with the design and development of plants and systems and consults you about the choice of hard- and software as well as the realisation of the processes. We also assume the project management, for example with the realisation of a new development or with the market entrance of a new product line.

How does HELVETING connect engineering knowhow by Cross Engineering?

HELVETING builds on the five main disciplines computational mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, software engineering and technology and process consulting as well as project management. Living Cross Engineering, we combine the knowledge and experience from diverse disciplines and various branches and transfer for example a technology originating from the automotive industry into medical engineering. This is how innovative solutions are created.

What are the advantages which a HELVETING expert mandate is offering?

Technical competence, short reaction time and flexibility are an essential competitive advantage to act successfully on the global market. Due to our engineering services you have a HELVETING engineer, who is supporting you with his specific knowledge, for short-term and partly short-time assignments at your site. They have the flexibility to apply the appropriate resources at the given time. The HELVETING experts support you at your site, in-house, with their special professional expertise you need – for example complex computations in Ansys or value analyses for products and processes in design, detailing, documentation, computation for simulations or in subjects of quality management.

HELVETING fosters especially the knowledge and experience exchange amongst our specialist fields and personalities. We cultivate interdisciplinary and cross-industry approaches to break new soil. Thereby, you profit with each HELVETING expert mandate from the knowhow of our 150 connected engineers.

What problems and questions can occur in product engineering?

HELVETING’s product engineering supports you in all questions about your products and their production. We assist you in issues such as costs, feasibility, quality, performance, reliability, maintenance friendliness and user functionality in order to keep your products attractive for the respective markets. The development of concepts, design and the development of mechanics, electronics and software components are our specialty.

HELVETING supports new developments in product engineering

In product engineering, HELVETING is your strong partner during the whole development. The basis for our long-term success is an institutionalised innovation management. It comprises the innovation culture, innovation strategy and a lived innovation process.

Your project does start out? We help you to realise your ideas and gladly support you with a feasibility analysis and initiate the next steps. What concept fulfils the technical and economical requirements? A profound decision on this question is one of the most important milestones during product development. Feasibility and prototyping provide the foundation for this challenging decision. Chances and risks are evaluated completely in a simulation. The expected manufacturing costs are analysed and potential hazards for users and the environment are revealed. Using the model-based design approach we are able to create a realistic system model in an early stage. Even before the existence of a prototype, the control strategy can be chosen, parameters be optimised and the adherence to the specifications be secured.

Do you want to build up, modify or extend a plant?

HELVETING provides support for plant manufacturing, for mechanical engineering and for all production processes in manufacturing. For example, in the development and in processes of chemical and food processing industry, metal construction, medical and electrical engineering.

With HELVETING, you have a competent partner on your side from design through to realisation and commissioning of all work stages. We combine all important technical disciplines in plant engineering, starting with structural engineering calculation of a beam construction and foundation through to programming of a control system.

As an expert in automation, HELVETING helps you in all issues in serial production (standardised machines) and in special engineering (machines which are specially designed for your demands or may even be newly developed).

We get things going in your company. Our knowhow for the subject motion and our practical experience along a broad front helps us to develop an optimal drive and positioning system.

HELVETING supports developments in the areas medicine, pharmaceutical and food processing industries

The automation of laboratory processes in the areas chemistry, bio-pharmaceutical, food processing industries as well as medicine represents the core competence of device development. HELVETING willingly supports your firm in the engineering of innovative devices.

Our process oriented and structured methodology and our HELVETING engineering process (HEP) certified in accord with ISO 13485 is the foundation to develop medical devices from the first idea to the marketing approval together with you.

Do you want to react more efficient to variants within your product line and to exploit synergies?

HELVETING supports you in the modular design of your machines and devices and develops platform and module strategies for you. Modularisation and standardisation ranges from Reengineering of existing systems to the conception of completely new product generations.

When are image processing and communication technologies deployed?

Using image processing methods, objects are counted, measured and traced to optimise the manufacturing process in industry. Moreover, medical analyses for diagnoses, surgeries and targeted treatments are simplified and improved. HELVETING is your engineering partner when it comes complete system solutions in image processing.

The communication between devices is ubiquitous in today’s world and is expected as standard. However, difficulties as physical obstacles, media disruptions or proprietary interfaces challenge the development. As an engineering expert, HELVETING conceptualises and realises your individual solution for your communication technology.. 

How does HELVETING guarantee the high quality of the HELVETING developments?

A high quality standard is essential for our engineering activities. For this purpose, the standardised HELVETING engineering process (HEP) is the central tool. Our HEP provides the basis for the ideas of tomorrow.

Quality is an important policy for our developments. Therefore, we let our quality management system be certified and we are a member in various interest groups to keep our knowledge up to date. HELVETING is certified in accord with ISO 13485:2016. Furthermore, HELVETING is a member of the Swiss Telecommunications Association ASUT, the SwissICT, the Technology Forum Zug and in the Medical Cluster.