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Systems evaluation & procurement of standard IT solutions

Are you looking for a new industry application in order to organise your core processes more efficient? Do you rely on standard products at it? HELVETING supports you in specifying the right IT system for each intended use and in making the right choice from a multitude of possible technologies and products and in procuring it - systematically.

HELVETING supports every company, which uses IT as a central infrastructure for service provision and relies typically on standard IT solutions and products (hard- and software), as a methodology and technology partner. It is especially the case in the service sector, in which software systems (so called industry solutions or line-of-business applications) support or automate the industry specific business process respectively. Such solutions are often hosted and run off-site by an external partner in outsourcing mode and they are provided to the company by a network.

We consult you for instance in the following scenario: You have a current software system which does not cover anymore today’s requirements. You have worked out a requirement specification and based on it, you would like to evaluate a suiting solution. What next?

HELVETING conducts the supplier and systems evaluation methodically and reasonably for you. We use therefore standard methods and standard document templates. You benefit of this groundwork when you work together with us. Why should you reinvent the wheel, when somebody else has already developed it for you?


  • Creation of a system concept and a specification (requirement/functional specification)
  • Market analysis
  • Realisation of RFI/RFQ (private sector)
  • Realisation of public tenders (public administrations)
  • Organisation and moderation of product presentations
  • Systematic evaluation of tender offers with weighted assessment criteria
  • Work out of basis of decision-making

Competences, methods & tools

  • Public tenders in accordance with GATT/WTO requirements
  • Creation & editing of compliant requirement/functional specifications (Best practice templates)
  • Management/Maintenance of the SIMAP tender platform
  • Creation of cost-benefit analysis or systematic bid evaluations respectively