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Methodical development of your IT governance

IT is today used in all areas of business management. Are you aware, how and what for you use your IT specifically? And what software applications have what purpose? And what are the costs of your IT compared to its benefits?

HELVETING supports you in the methodical development of an IT governance. The purpose of the IT governance is the orientation of the IT tools to the requirements of the business processes (IT/Business alignment). The realisation is effected by means of a roadmap. This covers usually a timeframe of 4-5 years, and what preliminary objectives should be obtained in which stage.

Frameworks as basis

We take various frameworks and standards as a basis for our services (see below). Therefore, it is secured that we deliver you the results which are in accordance with common standards. Nevertheless, it is our concern not to rely dogmatically on such frameworks but apply them pragmatically to the size of your company.


We progress in three main phases:

  • Analysis: Assessment of the current situation in its entirety with SWOT analysis and fields of action
  • Strategy: Determination of the strategic core statements, discussion of strategy variants by use of morphological box, definition of strategic implementation units (project overview)
  • Planning: estimate of costs, prioritisation and schedule planning of the implementation units, determination of the realisation roadmap

Competences, methods & tools

HELVETING orients itself to best practice methods for the development of IT governance:

  • COBIT as framework for the development of IT goals (top-down) and for the control objectives
  • ITIL as framework for the development of operational processes
  • ISO 27000 for the information security
  • Typical methodology to obtain the results are brainwriting, SWOT and morphological box