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HELVETING supports in IT service lifecycle

IT is a well developed, standardised good in today’s world. Therefore, the implementation of IT is theoretically a simple task. In practice, there can still be found many key questions for SMEs. HELVETING helps you find the answers and the right IT partners in a solution neutral way.

IT is an umbrella term for a vast amount of subjects and definitions. IT comprises email programmes, office applications and file servers as well as the availability, access privileges and support. In the age of cloud computing, questions arise as: What IT service do we provide and where are they from? What do we buy and install on our own in-house? What do we rent as standardised service from third parties?

Important aspects are:

  • Profitability: make or buy?
  • Concentration on core business: What is really our task? And what is not?
  • Ability to act: Do we place us in a long-term situation of dependence on a partner?
  • Flexibility: Do we rent “IT on demand”? Or do we buy solutions?

An outsourcing of IT services makes sense in many cases and is cost-efficient. In the end, it comes to a service level agreement with an IT partner who provides services with a defined quality standard for a monthly price. And this is exactly the problem: Is the service level or the quality of service respectively defined precise enough?

HELVETING supports you during the entire IT service lifecycle in making the right decisions. As an independent consultants, process and technology experts, we help you with outsourcing questions and projects.


We support you in all or selected phases of the Deming cycle:

  • Plan: Service design (Description/definition of the IT services to be outsourced, assessment of a outsourcing partner)
  • Do: Service transition (Realisation of the outsourcing to an external partner, contract negotiation, determination of measured variables or KPIs respectively)
  • Check: Service assessment (Evaluation of the service quality, realisation of independent audits)
  • Act: Service optimisation (Adjustments of service, KPIs, contract renegotiations)

Competences, methods & tools

  • Definition of SLAs
  • ITIL V2 and V3
  • ISO 20'000
  • ISO 27'001
  • Conduct of negotiations