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Development of customer-specific information management solutions

Do you store your business critical data in a file server? Is your internal cooperation based on the back and forth transfer of email attachments? Do you control your QM documents by a file naming convention? HELVETING develops customer-specific information management solutions based on various platforms.

Information management is a broad term. In companies, it is often understood as enterprise content management with the meaning of the creation, maintenance and targeted provision of electronic documents. But also the versioning, the archiving or even the organised destruction of records is included in the definition. It is called the information life cycle.

Actually, there is a wide gap in many companies between theory, what to do and how, and practice, how it is done. Many organisations work with file servers and various share folders where the departments and employees store their documents. This fulfils often its purpose in daily work. However, a good information management is important in selected fields. A few examples:

  • Quality management system (various process descriptions and templates)
  • Project management (deliverables such as inventories, concepts, protocols, etc.)
  • Product data (specifications, data sheets, fact sheets, etc.)

In these cases, it is recommended introducing an appropriate data management system that has the following characteristics:

  • Usability: easy handling, intuitive, understandable
  • Traceability: Who has changed what and when?
  • Access control: Who has to / is allowed to see what and when? From where are they able to access?

Development of customer-specific solutions: HELVETING supports you in finding and implementing an appropriate information management system – by means of specification, evaluation or engineering on our platforms.


Basically, we work in the phases analysis, strategy, concept and realisation. Depending on the project and preliminary work of the customer, these phases will be processed differently deep. Please check our concrete detailed steps for the analysis.

Competences, methods & tools

  • Development of customer-specific SharePoint solutions with SharePoint Designer and VisualStudio/C#
  • Development of OSS-based web solutions, for instance as intranet or enterprise-wiki
  • Development of a records management strategy in accord with ISO 15’489