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Requirements analysis for your new software system

Are you looking for a new software system for the support of a specific business process? Do your IT systems not satisfy the requirements anymore? Or are your users unhappy with the current systems? You know the need for a change and we know how to accomplish the change.

HELVETING ascertains and documents your company’s requirements in a structured way and supports you in specifying and conceptualising the right IT system for each intended use. We support every company, which uses IT as a central infrastructure for service provision and relies typically on standard products (hard- and software), as a methodology and technology partner. It is especially the case in the service sector, in which software systems (so called industry solutions or line-of-business applications) support or automate the industry specific business process respectively. Such solutions are often hosted and run off-site by an external partner in outsourcing mode and they are provided to the company by a network.

From the requirement analysis to the individual system

We consult you for instance in the following scenario: You have a current software system which does not cover anymore today’s requirements. The users are unhappy and the processes cannot be efficiently carried out.

HELVETING conducts a requirement analysis with your users and further stakeholders. As a result, the various requirements on the system and the business process will be gathered, analysed and prioritised. It is a matter of functional, operational and technical aspects:

  • What have I got to be able to do with the system?
  • Where and how does the system run? Who does it maintain?
  • How is the user support organised?
  • Which interfaces must be created?
  • How will a migration project be designed? etc.


  • Project kick off (Project planning, project team, stakeholders, cooperation mode, delivery objects etc.)
  • Document analysis for the assessment of the current situation
  • Requirements analysis (Development of the business requirements in workshops and interviews)
  • Conception (Finding of solution variants and rough conception of desired solution)
  • Basically, we emphasize simple, proven methodologies and work with whiteboards and typical office tools such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Our knowhow is based on the right choice of the tool at any time and on the guidance of you as customer.

Competences, methods & tools

  • Various creativity methods such as brainstorming, 6-3-5 method etc.
  • Requirements engineering
  • Morphological box
  • Various proven templates for requirement specifications, requirement catalogues and assessment charts