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Business Process Technologies

Business processes are electronically supported in our days or even automatically executed. IT and especially software systems are apparent in all aspects of our lives. HELVETING as a product-neutral technology partner helps you finding the right solution for your specific performance requirements.

Today’s organisations, whether it is a company or a public institution, deploy almost completely IT and communication technologies for their business processes. Whether it is for e-mail or phone, or for electronic document processing and management: Hardware and mainly software systems are everywhere in use.

We support you to plan your IT infrastructure long-term and appropriately. Our business engineers work steadily process oriented, product independent and pragmatically. We analyse in a first phase your complete situation. Only if the need for action is distinct to all stakeholders, we will focus on the subject matter.

IT systems by HELVETING

HELVETING offers you extensive services about the professional deployment of IT systems. Our competences are so diverse, because we think interdisciplinary and cross-borders. We transfer newly attained knowledge in new branches and multiply our experiences that way for you. HELVETING finds the right answers to various questions about the professional use of IT systems.

What kind of support does HELVETING offer in the business area?

We manage projects as a general contractor with responsibility on deliverables for the whole project duration as well as for single project phases. And we offer also punctual support through the outsourcing of engineers. The system engineers from HELVETING have a broad knowledge in technology and are able to realise your IT strategy and architecture successfully due to their experience. Whether it is the implementation of a virtual desktop or server system, or it is the setup of fast data networks or storage solutions or for the development of custom-made web-2.0-applications. In addition, we support you in operational issues. Our business and system engineers present you innovative solutions and realise them professionally and economically for you.

What service does the area business IT offer?

We, as a methodology and technology partner, support every business venture which deploys IT as main infrastructure for service provision and typically relies on standard products (Hardware and Software). This is mainly the case in the service sector where software systems (so-called industry solutions or line-of-business applications) support or automate the industry specific business processes.

HELVETING conducts an analysis of needs with your users and other stakeholders. Thereby, the various requirements for your individual system and the business process will be gathered, analysed and prioritised. HELVETING performs for you the supplier and system evaluation in a methodological and comprehensible way.

HELVETING supports you to find and implement a suitable information management system – via specification and evaluation or development on our platforms. Additionally, we consult you during the whole process to take the right decisions. As independent consulting, process and technology experts, we assist you with outsourcing questions and projects.

How does HELVETING realise an IT project?

Every assignment is a project for HELVETING. Our project management methodology is certified in accord with ISO 13485. We do not rely dogmatically on standard project phase models in consulting engagements, but rather adapt our methods on your project. It is important to us that we have a clear and with the customer coordinated project planning and a controlled chance management. HELVETING’s experts are educated engineers and IT business engineers who bring a fundamentally analytical and conceptual understanding for IT and communication technology along. We know the common software systems and suppliers, their strengths and weaknesses and we gladly consult you on this matter.

What is the difference between an IT strategy and IT architecture? When are the deployed?

The IT strategy determines the direction in which the company’s IT should develop. HELVETING develops an IT strategy together with you for the next three to five years by structure your demands in a project portfolio and fulfil them by following a roadmap.

The IT architecture is like a construction plan in order to put the strategy correctly into operation. It determines the choice of the right IT components. The IT / Software architecture from HELVETING provides enough flexibility for the single modules and their interactions and it is able to respond to modifications. HELVETING relies on modules of reliable subassemblies for the development of own, complex software solutions. These are partly in-house developments, partly third-party components as e.g. Open source frameworks.